"These women are the best of the best. And they are revered."

Stefania Fernandez, Miss Universe 2009
GQ 2016

The incomparable Burt Helm followed me from Stanford to Malaysia to chronicle my work advising Miss Universe contestants. Burt made more sense of this extraordinarily unique world than almost any other journalist I know, viewing it and my career through the lens of competition, aspiration and personal excellence.

Miss China

I am proud to have advised Yue-Sai Kan, hailed by People magazine as "the most famous woman in China," in overhauling the Miss China contest between 2011 and 2015. Yue-Sai is best known for introducing modern cosmetics to the People's Republic of China and for her eponymous brand, now a crown jewel in the L'Oréal Luxury Division. Three of our four contestants received an award or placed at Miss Universe.

From Albania to Venezuela

I have trained dozens of national winners heading to the major global contests of Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss International. My clients have included the representatives of Indonesia, Mexico, Albania, Venezuela, China, Kosovo, Ghana, Singapore and Malaysia. I was particularly honored to work with Monica Spear, who achieved a historic turnaround for Venezuela in 2005, and Luo Zilin, the most acclaimed Miss China in history, both of whom entered the top 5 of Miss Universe.


My unique lens into the world of international beauty contests led to my skincare expertise, which I leveraged in 2018 to establish Jennifer Lopez's comprehensive beauty portfolio. My expertise in skincare and fragrance covers the complete R&D and product development cycle (including formulation), as well as digital strategy, retail marketing and brand management.