Furthermore: Jeff Lee & Equinox

Furthermore: Jeff Lee & Equinox

In January 2020, Furthermore magazine profiled my 10-year journey to visit every Equinox from San Diego to London, my passion for fitness and its role in our personal and professional lives. The feature was also displayed in all 106 Equinox clubs. Click here to read more.

GQ: Mr. Miss Universe

In its June 2016 feature, GQ profiled my life as a lawyer at the world’s best corporate law firm, Wachtell LIpton, while preparing women to win the most prestigious international beauty competitions. For half a year, the incomparable Burt Helm tailed me from New York to Malaysia and interviewed countless people across my life. I learned many things about myself in the process, but the messages about the relentless pursuit of excellence remain. Click here to read more.

GQ Magazine
ARod & JLo


HollywoodLife: ARod & JLo

In October 2018, I gave my first interview to Hollywood Life about life as COO to Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez. The key to their success: complementing strengths, an uncompromising work ethic and a drive to solve each other’s problems. Click here to read more.