I regularly lecture and teach at business and law schools around the country on leadership, negotiations, corporate law, business ethics and branding. I also teach negotiations and brand management seminars to Fortune 500 corporations and nonprofit institutions.


Harvard Law School (JD): HALB (October 2020)

I’ll be on the HLS Law & Business’s second leadership series, following Alli Webb (Drybar), Don Liu (Target) and Farhad Karim (Blackstone).


Yale Law School (JD): Lawyers As Leaders (September-October 2020)

After ten years, I’ll return to YLS to teach in a new leadership program established by Anastasia Boyko, Asst. Dean for Leadership Programs.


Wharton Business School (MBA): Responsibility in Business (August-September 2020)

I’ll be joining Professor Christina Parajon Skinner for her required first year course on business ethics and responsibility.


Stanford Graduate School of Business (MBA): Reputation Management (May 2020)

I joined Allison Kluger for her acclaimed course on reputation and brand management.


Michigan State University Colleges of Law & Business (MBA/JD) (Summer 2020)

I regularly advise the entire cohort of joint JD-MBA students at MSU on leadership, management skills, career pivots, branding and corporate law.


Harvard Law School (JD): Civil Procedure (November 2019)

As part of Deputy Dean Glenn I. Cohen’s 1L Civil Procedure course, I held a talk with Harvard Law students on business, law and career matters.



Stanford Graduate School of Business (MBA): Career Pivoting (2019)

Yale Law School (JD): Diversity Issues for Asian-Pacific Lawyers (2015)

NYU Law School (JD): Legal Careers & Diversity (2014-2015)

Harvard Law School (JD): Current Issues in Corporate Law (2015)



LegUp Legal Virtual Conference: Entertainment Law (July 2020)

SalesForce TrailBlazers: Negotiations Series (Summer 2020)

Brunchworks NYC: Business of Entertainment (Summer 2019)

When to Jump Podcast: Finding Joy (February 2019)